Self-Service Casino

Self-Service Casino is a unique time-effective solution which gives you unlimited customization opportunities.

With the help of technical documentation, you can build your own casino, and our company will help you every step of the way.

On your side

  • Design
  • Front-end HTML coding
  • A small team of IT experts

On our side

  • Technical documentation
  • A set of scripts
  • Front-end design advisory
  • Support at every stage of the casino development
  • Engine
  • Testing platform
  • Back-office
Self-Service casino solution

Self-Service casino solution

All the functionalities that are available for White Label are also available for the Self-Service solution. This helps to facilitate the development process and build a casino to match your needs, if you have a team of developers.

Minimum features needed are:

  • Hosting — either yours or ours
  • Your license
  • Your direct contracts with payment systems, crypto-currencies
  • Games integration
  • Back-office